About Us

Beltway’s current real estate portfolio of 22 properties, located primarily in the Dallas metropolitan area, consist of office, retail and industrial properties, as well as land holdings for future development. As long term owners Beltway is free of the typical build and sell philosophy which is often in conflict with the interest of tenants. The natural results of Beltway’s long term ownership strategy is that the maintenance and management of the company's properties is consistent with the needs and expectations of its tenants. Beltway's stated management mission is that it should so overwhelmingly satisfy its tenants that they are compelled to renew their leases. To assure that Beltway's mission is met, it employs and trains its own in-house management staff rather than outsource its duties to a third party management company. The common ownership of Beltway’s properties also affords its tenants the opportunity to move from one property to another as their needs change.

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15280 Addison Rd.
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Telephone: (972) 661-1011
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